Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

How To Attract Girls With Your Touch

Many experts talk about how to attract girls with body language. Although body language is important, knowing how to touch a woman in just the right way is
just as important when it comes to getting laid. Strong eye contact and standing tall can only take you so far.

Initially, you’ll want to touch the girl right when you two start talking. If talking to more than one girl, be sure to touch a few of them. Touching more than just one girl is very important. 

When you touch, be sure not to touch the girl from behind. If you do this, you’ll completely freak her out. If you freak a girl out, then you’re chances of getting her into bed are very low, obviously. 

Touching should be playful and fun at first, not sexual. Some examples include a soft push, flicking her with your finger, and a light touch on the arm. 

Later, you’ll touch her in a more sexual and flirtatious way. But light touching is important because it make her comfortable with you. You can later take this comfort level you’ve created to get more sexual with the girl. Sometimes your touch alone can get a woman into bed. So be sure not to skip this step. 

If it’s too flirtatious and sexual at the beginning, she’ll just think it’s too much. Then, you’re like a dog jumping all over her and there’s nothing attractive about that. At this stage in the seduction, everything you do should you as relaxed, friendly, comfortable and confident. Don’t let any desperation, neediness or awkwardness show.

when you start with a decent amount of playful touching, it will seem very normal when you try to take things further by holding her hand or putting an arm around her shoulder. This is the aim of touching: for the phyical things to happen organically.

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