Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

I Believe in You

Ally Becker came home from school after Varsity basketball practice and was extremely gleeful. She looked frantically for her Father and walked into the kitchen, the laundry room and finally the living room. “Dad!!” Ally yelled.

“I’ll be right there, Ally,” he said calmly. Ally could not contain herself and certainly could not sit. After two minutes, her father walked into the living room to greet her.

Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

Build Your Self Esteem! :D

So how do you stay calm, composed and maintain self esteem in a tough environment? Here are some tips you may to consider as a starter guide to self improvement.

Imagine yourself as a Dart Board. Everything and everyone else around you may become Dart Pins, at one point or another. These dart pins will destroy your self esteem and pull you down in ways you won’t even remember. Don’t let them destroy you, or get the best of you.  So which dart pins should you avoid?

Senin, 27 Juni 2011

How to Be Genuinely Happy

Life isn’t the sweetest candy. Sometimes, when I feel like the world is just too heavy, I look around and find people who continued to live fascinating and wonderful lives. And then thoughts come popping into my mind like bubbles from nowhere – “How did their life become so adorably sweet? How come they still can manage to laugh and play around despite a busy stressful life?”  Then I pause and observed for awhile… I figured out that maybe, they start to work on a place called ‘self’.

Enjoy Your LIfe, Change Your Point of View

"Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars."- Frederick Langbridge, A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts

If you’ve placed second in a writing contest, will you jump for joy and push for better results the next time or will you be discouraged and find an excuse not to join again?

In life, you are always filled with choices. You may opt to have a pessimist’s view and live a self-defeated life or you may decide to take the optimist’s route and take a challenging and fulfilling life.

Minggu, 26 Juni 2011

The Power of Relationship

Relationships of all kinds are often perceived as very delicate things, that require extra effort to maintain. However, a relationship can also be something that can provide security and can also be long lasting despite many trials.

3 Situation You Have To Lie To Women

It's no surprise that both genders rely on lying to some extent. They just do it differently and sometimes for different reasons.

All humans, especially women say they want their partner to be honest. Is this the truth? Can you keep a relationship up and running if you are telling the truth all the time?

Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Positive Attitude, Change The World Around You

I am going to ask you to something very weird right now. First of all, I want you to listen to your thoughts. Now tell me, what thoughts fill your head? Would you label them as positive, or negative?

Now let's say you are walking down the street with these thoughts. Do you think anyone who would meet you would be able to tell you what’s on your mind?

Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Self Improvement And Success

Everything that happens to us happens in purpose. And sometimes, one thing leads to another. Instead of locking yourself up in your cage of fears and crying over past heartaches,

Senin, 20 Juni 2011

Setting Your Goals!

The basics of setting a goal is an open secret known by top-caliber athletes, successful businessmen and businesswomen and all types of achievers in all the different fields. The basics of setting goals give you short-term and long-term motivation and focus. They help you set focus on the acquisition of required knowledge and help you to plan and organize your resources and your time so

Being A Leader :D

When you are at work, do you get frustrated because things don't seem to be happening the way they’re supposed to be? You see people milling around but nothing gets accomplished

Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

Develop Your Intuition

Have you had that experience when all of a sudden you just had this huge hunch that something is about to happen, and to your surprise, that intuition was eventually translated to reality?

Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Making A Good Impression on Your First Date (Women and Girls Only)

Going on a first date can be stressful enough without worrying about what you should wear. You know you need to make a good first impression but you also want to be yourself and most importantly be comfortable so that you can let your personality do the talking and not your outfit. A first date is your chance to show the other person who you really are so it’s important to be you

Selasa, 14 Juni 2011

Get Rid Of Your Fear :D

Fear is your enemy – no other way to describe it.  I’m not talking about that natural life preserving action along with a major boost of adrenalin that happens if a wild animal is coming at you.

9 Questions You Have to Ask to Yourself

"What Really Makes You Tick?"

Be all you can be, but it's not always in the Army. I often see myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, but of course it's hard to think of anything else when where are real issues

Get A Guy Fall in Love With You (Girls or Women Only)

They say that love is fleeting and when you find it, you have to hold onto it. Sometimes, as women, we meet a guy that we fall go heels for. The only issue is that he may not feel

Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

Searching A Solution for Every Problems

How many times have you caught yourself saying that there could be no other solution to a problem – and that that problem leads to a dead end? How many times have you felt stumped knowing that the problem laying before you is one you cannot solve. No leads.  No options.  No solutions.

Dream Your LIfe!

Impossible is Just a Word

Everyone, at some point of his or her life, has dreamed of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasn't fantasized about being the one who hits the game-winning homer?

Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Get A Money For School

When a student decides to further their education past high school, they probably have a direction in mind, some kind of goal that they want to work for. It helps if they are able to narrow down the careers they would like before deciding what college they want to go to

Senin, 06 Juni 2011

Be Happy

Almost everyone have heard the hit single 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin. The song has a very catchy way of conveying its message of being happy to